Don & Lois Kitts – Pikeville, Kentucky
Elle: Llewellin Setter – Female:

We are very satisfied with the results of the training program.  We feel that our dog was trained in a manner which allows her to be a stylish hunting dog along with a family pet.  She is still the queen of the house however, when given a command to perform in the field she does this without hesitation.  We would recommend this program to any upland dog owner.


GLEN E. ROARK – Georgetown, Indiana
DANN – Llewellin Setter, Male:

I requested that Phil do certain things with Dann in his training. He did exactly what I asked and achieved the desired results without taking anything out of my dog. I was very pleased with the training Dann received.




J.D. WATERS AND CAREN MANSFIELD – Mechanicsburg, Illinois
MEG and BRECK – Llewellin Setters, Female:

We sent two dogs to Phil and Jane for training. These dogs had very different temperaments. We were pleased with the clean runs and care they showed for the dogs. BreckDuring the training period they provided weekly updates on the training. Despite the challenges of training two dogs with completely different temperaments, both came back to us retrieving, eager to hunt, and steady. We were also provided printed information to allow us to continue the training the dogs had received in a consistent manner. Thanks to Phil and Jane for their hard work and good care of our dogs.




NICK ROWLEY – Decorah, Iowa
DEXTER AND LEXSEE – Llewellin Setters, Male & Female:

I have the best pointing pheasant dog a man could ever want, pointed over forty birds over opening weekend, thirty two were shot, all were found, he is royalty in our house, Dexter is awesome, I can go on and on, he will run a mile a minute and stop dead in his tracks to point, he holds his points well and retrieves to hand. Phil Fortner did an awesome job, and a great guy on top of that.

He cured Dexter of his blinking problem! Lexsee has a reservation to go to his 75 day proLexseegram in the spring. I have worked with Dex non stop since he got back Labor Day weekend, doing exactly what Phil told me to do. This weekend it all came to fruition.

Lexsee is doing great! She finished the spring training session and Phil thinks she will be as good or better than Dexter. I now have a wonderful pair of trained bird dogs and I can hardly wait for bird season. I would highly recommend this training program to anyone who has a Llewellin Setter!



JIM ST. CLAIR – Indianapolis, Indiana
HERMAN – Llewellin Setter, Male:

After having my dog at two different trainers and being told that he would never be a good hunting dog due to his blinking and other issues…I took Herman to Phil and Jane and within a few months of working with Phil, my dog became an excellent hunting dog and no longer has some of the problems we once thought he would never get passed. I have been so pleased with the service that Phil and Jane provided for my dog!


BOB & LAURA WHITLOCK – Shellsburg, Iowa
BRISTOL – Llewellin Setter, Female:

We are very impressed with the methods and the gentle techniques that were used with Bristol during your training program. You helped her to refine her natural abilities and taught her to respond to commands in the field. Bob took her hunting right after we got her home and she did fantastic! It’s obvious that she loves being in the field and it really shows in her attitude. She had no problem what-so-ever transitioning from quail to pheasant and she pointed and held two roosters her first trip out! She responded really well to both whistle and voice commands and we’re really pleased with her abilities and training. She’s now the perfect hunting companion!

We would highly recommend Phil and Jane’s training program to other Llewellin owners. So much so, that we already have a session scheduled for our next pup which hasn’t even been born yet!

Comments from Trainer, Phil Fortner:
“I had the privilege of meeting Laura and Bob Whitelock and Bristol, their 18 month old Llewellin Setter. She was enrolled for fall training session of 2006 at Pea Ridge Llewellin Kennel.

I was impressed with Bristol from the outset. She was a bold, intelligent dog with a lot of drive in the field but very biddable. She had an excellent nose, very staunch on her points and became a wonderful retriever after the completion of the trained retrieve.

I would have to rate her as one of the “Top Five” that have completed our training program. I feel that her offspring will be excellent gun dogs as well as companions. I would gladly put her in my kennels as my own personal gun dog.”

FRANK HOFFMAN – San Diego, California
MOLLY – Llewellin Setter, Female:

Molly is doing great back home in San Diego. I can’t believe the transformation that occurred with your training. Molly went from meek and timid to bold and fearless. Your “soft Handed” training techniques were exactly what she needed. She now has bounce in her gait and pop in her tail. You are the best! When ever I get another Llewellin that needs training, it will surely come to you.


TIM WARREN – Fountain Inn, South Carolina
SPARKS – Llewellin Setter, Male:

I have had dealings with other trainers in the past and it has not been an enjoyable experience.
This has been fun with Sparks. We have enjoyed all the pictures and comments during his training. I’m sending your pictures and information to friends around the country. The input I am getting back is no other trainer spends as much time with a dog as you do. Y’all have a passion for what you do and it shows. I’ll be sending my other dog in the spring of 2007!


GERALD SOLESBY – Ashville, North Carolina
BUDDY – Llewellin Setter, Male:

The training that Buddy received there was excellent. Good breeding without quality training is pretty much useless. Your training program did exactly as you said it would. Buddy is doing well. I took him out to a nearby field to practice and imagine my surprise when he found six quail! You have to understand that everyone around here thought that there were no wild birds left! I would highly recommend your program to anyone. Thanks for all your help.


MARK HARRIS – Butler, Georgia
CHIPPER – Llewellin Setter, Male:

One of the main things that impressed me about your training program was the fact that you made it clear that you wanted to know exactly what I wanted my dog to be. The fact that you are a bird hunter, not just a dog trainer, made me feel good about the training Chipper was going to get. I wasn’t disappointed. Chipper came home ready to hunt birds. He came home working our South Georgia bird cover like an old pro, and he was only 18 months old. I knew Chipper had a lot of potential, and you took that potential and developed it into a finished dog.

When I visited your facilities I was impressed by the cleanliness of the kennels, the modern equipment you had available, and the old-fashioned way you used your training grounds to turn out a finished dog. It was apparent that Chipper was getting a lot of personal attention from you. Llewellins are special dogs, and it takes special people to develop them.

I appreciated the opportunity to take part in Chipper’s training. I had to drive 500 miles to visit, but after spending the day with you and Jane, I felt it was time well spent.

CHRIS DODDS – Sanford, North Carolina
BUSTER BROWN – English Setter, Male:

Buster and I both thank you for the great job you did with him. Total transformation! He’s become the star of my kennel and nobody can believe what a difference 12 short weeks with y’all hath wrought!
I can hardly wait until bird season!




STEVE & TESSA BROUILLETTE – Jackson, Mississippi
LILLY – Llewellin Setter, Female:

I have to say that you did a wonderful job giving Lilly the training she needed. I could have never gotten this much out of her without your help. We’re still getting used to each other, but she is biddable and responsive, and has actually become steady on flushes. Not quite sure how that happened, but she bumped a couple of birds today, and stopped to watch them until they landed . . . I don’t fault her for the bumps with the conditions, but I was absolutely amazed that she held steady. The part that will make you proud, she actually retrieved a downed bird and brought it back.

I would have never believed that she would be this good at only 15 months old. There was a 3-4 month gap from when we picked her up and when I was able to get her out to hunt, and you would have never known it. She is more than I could have ever asked, and I attribute most of that to the training she got from you.

TIM KORDICK – Poplar Bluff, Missouri
WYATT – Llewellin Setter, Male:

I would highly recommend Phil and Jane Fortner of Pea Ridge Kennels to anyone with hunting dogs especially Llewellin setters. Phil is very knowledgeable and patient with dogs. I was very nervous about leaving Wyatt for 2-3 months, however after meeting Phil and Jane, I felt very confident that Wyatt was in good hands. Especially after the first visit. It’s truly amazing how much improvement I noticed after only a few weeks. I am convinced that no one would be anything but satisfied with the hard work that Phil puts into the training. With his expertise and Jane’s caring and kindness there is no doubt that my future hunting companions will be trained by Phil and Jane Fortner.

CRYSTAL & TIM POWELL – Gracey, Kentucky
BUCK- Llewellin Setter, Male:

Tim and I have sent all of our dogs to Dr. Phil for training.

We felt very comfortable with Phil and Jane the first time we met and were very pleased with the kennel and training area. Dr. Phil is very good at what he does…. gentle, calm spoken and he earns such respect from the dogs. Jane took pictures of the dogs and sent them by e-mail along with reports about their training.

I was very impressed with Buck on our first 30 day visit…he seemed to watch every move Dr. Phil made. We have since sent Betty Lou, Athena, and Zeus for training. They all hold their point nicely and retrieve to hand. We are looking forward to taking them hunting soon.

BETTY LOU – Llewellin Setter, Female:

ATHENA – Llewellin Setter, Female:

ZEUS -Llewellin Setter, Male: