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COL. C. J. and jamie LORIA, Munford, tn


Llewellin Setter, Female


Phil and Jane have an outstanding service and training for Molly, our Llewellin. Molly is a very soft dog, and she has blossomed under their care, love, and training. We are very excited about hunting her this fall.













Germantown, Tennessee


DUKE - Llewellin Setter, Male

Phil and Jane do everything possible to set your dog up for success. From the spotlessly maintained and well-designed training facility to the systematic training methods administered with steady and gentle hands, everything is done to deliver a confident dog who is easy to please. Every opportunity is taken to reinforce training with positive praise and feedback. When your dog leaves training field proud and and well pleased, it assures you a finished dog who hunts enthusiastically and as part of a team.


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Wake Forest, NC

CHARLIE - Llewellin Setter, Female

We were extremely pleased with the training our female llewellin, Charlie, received this past summer. I admit that we thought we would be a bit nervous leaving her behind for the three month program but those thoughts quickly vanished after we had the chance to meet with Phil and Jane and see their facilities. They clearly took excellent care of our dog, and we will be bringing her back this coming winter with our new Llewellin female "Poe". The training has been excellent, and the great care they showed Charlie was evident. We also thoroughly enjoyed the weekly pictures that Jane sent and the chance to follow Charlie's progress with Phil's training through the frequent updates they provided. It has been a fantastic experience for us and we feel like we have gained new friends.






Llewellin Setter, Male

I am very happy with the training, dedication, and results from Pea Ridge Llewellin Kennels. Dr. Phil did an outstanding job training our pup, Esau, who was born deaf and presented a challenge. After 3 months in school at Pea Ridge, Esau is a productive member of our family and kennel. He learned basic commands, including come and whoa, and he is holding staunch points and retrieving.

We now have the newest member of the family, Sadie, in training at Pea Ridge and look forward to the weekly e-mail updates and pictures of her progress.

I have visited the kennels several times over the last few years and have always found it clean. Fans are used to keep the dogs cool in the summer months and music is always playing to keep them comfortable. Sadie prefers country music but Esau has no preference.

It is evident that Phil and Jane love the dogs and they have become friends to me and my dogs.



SADIE - Llewellin Setter, Female







Gainesville, Georgia


BELLA - Llewellin Setter, Female

Lane and I could not be more pleased with the training and progress Bella made at Pea Ridge Llewellin Kennels. Since we have had her home, Bella responds to her commands like they are second nature and she is enthusiastic and eager every time I work with her, showing that Dr. Fortner is able to train these dogs without breaking their spirits or taking anything out of them. At 15 months, I would not hesitate to hunt Bella with any dogs, she honors other dogs and obeys her commands like a veteran, even when excited. Every time we visited Phil and Jane, the dog runs and training facilities were spotless. The training program and care that Bella received while she was at Pea Ridge was second to none. Living in Georgia, there are an abundance of trainers that are much closer to the house, but after seeing the results that Pea Ridge delivers any dog I have professionally trained will be by Dr. Fortner.

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